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Shopping Terms

歡迎來到 BEAUTIFUR 線上商店

  • 以下為商品相關說明及購物須知等交易事項,請先了解並同意再進行購買。 

  • 經勾選購買商品,代表你了解並同意我們的購物流程。

Product Features


Upon closer inspection, some products with electroplating surface treatment may have fine lines, spots, or particles. This is an unavoidable natural phenomenon during the electroplating process. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the overall beauty and use. It is not a defect.



Product Warranty

  • Under regular use, free maintenance services will be provided during the warranty period if the lamp fails or functions abnormally.

  • Please confirm the goods' condition upon receipt, and contact us immediately if you have any product concerns.

  • If the faulty product is within the warranty period, the order number cannot be provided, or the purchaser cannot confirm the time of purchase, it will not be covered by the warranty. Repair and parts replacement fees will be charged depending on the fault situation. The costs are mainly based on the actual quotation of the customer service engineering staff.

  • The time required for repair will be determined after an overall assessment based on the damage condition of the product.




Not covered by warranty

  • Damage caused by improper storage, incorrect installation method or environment, or voluntary structural changes. 

  • Damage caused by improper use, abuse, or excessive use. Electroplating products are naturally oxidized due to their active electrochemical properties over time or in high-temperature and high-humidity environments.




shopping process

  • Select the product to add to the shopping cart and fill in the correct information during checkout to complete the shopping. The entire website is a shopping cart system. ​

  • Remittance - refer to the remittance account number when making payment, and provide the last five digits of the remittance account number after completing the remittance. It will be completed after we confirm the confirmation.

  • If you have other special needs, please get in touch with customer service.



Product shipping instructions

  • During holidays or force majeure and natural disasters, logistics may delay shipments. 

  • BEAUTIFUR will be notified of shipment by email. There will be no additional calls, text messages, or LINE reminders. Please be sure to leave an email that can contact you.

  • Due to the size of the product, the shipping method is only home delivery, and a supermarket pickup service needs to be provided.




Return and Exchange Instructions​

  • Due to the convenience of e-commerce logistics, if we cannot pick up the goods due to personal behavior, resulting in any loss to our company, we have the right to file a legal obligation to compensate you for freight losses. Please think twice before placing an order and avoid impulse purchases. , so as not to cause early unpleasantness for both parties.



other problems

  • If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

Privacy Policy

  • Welcome to the Privacy and Website Terms of Use to learn more.




165 anti-fraud

  • 165 Anti-fraud and fraud prevention reminder: Please note that BEAUTIFUL will not proactively ask you to go to the ATM to deactivate the settings by phone, nor will it ask for the customer service number on the back of your credit card. If you receive a call from a fake BEAUTIFUR customer service or bank employee asking for your account or credit card information or operate ATM transfers and remittances (order amount payment in installments/deduction failure/change of checkout method/unusual supermarket barcode), please be vigilant!

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