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We invite you to learn more about the founding opportunity and process of Beautifur!


According to research, furniture waste exceeds 9 million tons every year and is increasing rapidly. Although furniture is meant to enrich people's lives, it is one of the planet's significant waste products.

The BEAUTIFUR innovative modular furniture system can carry various hardware and software, improving home life and creating a more environmentally friendly environment.


We founded BEAUTIFUR to change the industry,

Let technology and life be more perfectly integrated.

"Life deserves more imagination." The intelligent modular furniture system allows everything from lighting fixtures to wardrobes to display racks to be easily disassembled and reassembled. Improve your quality of life through intelligent functions and chic design. Make your life brighter and easier with this innovative furniture.

​The origin of the name

The combination of Beautiful and Furniture,

The combination of the meaning of beauty and life,


​Beautifur was born.


Beautifur is a combination of "beauty" and "furniture".

The gold ╬ in the logo represents the core technology of our products,

It also represents the infinite possibilities of the brand.


DSC06876 修過.jpg

​Coexistence of practicality and beauty

Not just packaging,
also a bookshelf.

We extend the use value of packaging materials and carry out reinforcement designs in the structure of packaging materials so that they can bear the weight of products and subsequent bookshelf stably, allowing Beautifur to contribute to environmental protection in intelligent life.

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DSC06876 修過.jpg
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